Decipher technology transforms Loan Origination, Underwriting, and Compliance for Commercial Lenders.
Move past obstacles commercial lenders face every day by bringing in new prospects seamlessly, responding to them quickly, approving them efficiently, and applying powerful analytics, all in one place with our breakthrough technology.
Designed for Factoring, Asset-Based Lending, Trade Finance, Equipment Finance & Commercial Lending.

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All-Digital White Label Application 

Elevates the borrower experience with rich features to provide a simple platform for your borrowers to easily and securely exchange all the data you need to make a lending decision.

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Pipeline View & Lead Generation

Quickly view your underwriting pipeline, receive notifications as soon as an application is started and see the status right away so you can provide a quick or automatic response.

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Financial Analysis

Financial information, and data from accounting software and bank accounts is extracted and analyzed, including key ratios to give you an overall picture of your borrower.

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Automated Document Management

Store closing documents, agreements, forms, and auto populate borrower information with digital signature for convenient and fast close.

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Email Management

Store Email templates for automatic or manual notifications to borrowers on approval, with pending application items, for document signature, and more.

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Proactive Engagement

Your digital application can be accessed from your website and your sales team can send borrowers a live link. Use both methods to cultivate close relationships or choose the one that best fits your needs and process.

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Credit Reports, Background Checks

Automatically generate credit reports, background checks, OFAC information, liens, bankruptcies, and more from the most trusted sources and view them all in one place.

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Risk Analysis

Decipher's platform analyzes all of the data you need to make a decision, then applies your unique credit policy and risk parameters to help you make a faster funding decision.

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Collect key timestamp and important security information on borrowers, and track and view signed agreements to reduce risk.

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Compliance Tools

Generate on-demand or automatic analytics on borrowers for easier compliance, reporting, and monitoring.