Credit Reports

Make confident business credit decisions quickly.

Credit Reports

Business Credit & Consumer Credit

Decipher provides instant access to business credit reports. Make better credit decisions with access to the right credit data anytime. 

Decipher connects to trusted data bureaus for automatic or manual credit data on businesses and individuals so lenders can make confident credit decisions quickly and efficiently. Decipher partners with trusted data bureaus for access to comprehensive credit data information. Eliminate the manual work of going to separate data bureaus to retrieve reports manually and get all the insights in one place automatically so you can make faster lending decisions.

Making better business credit decisions is easier than ever. Our business credit reports include:

  • Business Background Information
  • Company Financial Information
  • Credit Score and Risk Factors
  • Banking, Trade, and Collection History
  • Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies
  • Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Identify ownership, parent companies, and subsidiaries​
  • Assess credit risk and determine credit levels
  • Determine ability to pay and adjust credit terms
  • Gain insight into payment history
  • Quickly evaluate potential customers to avoid risk
  • Determine your credit position relative to other creditors

Connect with us today to start getting on-demand or automatic credit reports! 


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