Decipher Decisioning

Automate third-party data and apply your loan policies and risk thresholds to facilitate real-time loan decisions. 

Business Financing Automated Decisioning

respond faster

Give faster answers on clear-cut cases and keep borrowers engaged so your team can focus on more complex funding requests.


Streamline decisioning to provide quicker access to capital, thereby establishing trust and building better relationships.

stay ahead of competitors

Reach potential borrowers before they go to more expensive lenders due to faster response and quicker access to capital.

reduce costs

Leverage automation to process more loans more quickly, reduce overhead costs, making the loans more profitable.

Integrated Decision System

Automatically evaluate an applican’t’s attributes, respond fast, capture new business quickly, and improve satisfaction.


Enable automated assessments of the creditworthiness of potential borrowers via Decipher’s seamless integration with trusted credit bureaus. Decipher’s partners provide automated business and personal credit reports, background checks, criminal searches as well as bankruptcies, judgements and liens results and multiple points of information from different bureau sources can be cross referenced.   


Configure your lender risk policies, thresholds and compare them automatically with risk results generated by Decipher to facilitate real-time results. Replace slow manual credit reviews, which can often take days, with real-time decisions that can be made during the first interaction with a potential borrower. Through Loan Auto Decisioning, customers get quick access to capital, better terms and a valued long-term relationship.

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Replace manual credit reviews with Decipher’s robust decision engine where your decision rules automatically evaluate an applicant’s attributes and provide immediate loan approval for well-qualified applicants. Decisioning can also be applied to current borrowers during a follow up credit review. Decipher allows a loan to be run by the same system algorithm the lender defines coupled with artificial intelligence to arrive at a quick decision.


Automatically send approved borrowers welcome notices as well as next steps to complete digitally, including tax forms, proposals, loan agreements, funding instructions, and more. Deals that don’t qualify are automatically routed to a credit officer for further qualification or for a different product. A quick approval coupled with customer portals communicating status offers a powerful, competitive experience that’s hard to top.

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