New! AI Automation for Credit Memos

Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools to Transform Underwriting

GenAI Automation for Credit Memos

Decipher uses Generative AI to enable processing financials, accounts receivable aging, and company information to auto generate insightful summaries to help the credit team for faster approval. Save time by giving your team better insights so they can provide a more robust write-up. 

GenAI Analysis of A/R & Financials

When prospects provide financials and accounts receivable aging information, in any format, Decipher now uses Generative AI to provide detailed analysis to help make better credit decisions and assess lending opportunities faster and with less risk.

Move past the AI hype and experience the real benefits of a lending platform that leverages generative artificial intelligence, "GenAI", to improve the lending process.
Generative AI can be used to process, summarize, and extract valuable information, facilitating more efficient analysis and decision-making.