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7 Ways Lenders Can Capitalize on the Demand for Alternative Business Lending

As banks and larger lenders tighten credit in an uncertain lending environment, the demand for business lending continues to increase. Alternative lenders are finding themselves uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend and capture more small businesses looking for financing. Non-traditional lending models, empowered by technology, are becoming a necessity due to their convenience, speed, and flexibility.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Loan Decisioning Process

Should you automate third-party data and apply your loan policies and risk thresholds to facilitate real-time loan decisions? The short answer: Yes! Imagine automating analysis using customer, business and third-party data to facilitate real-time decisions. An origination and underwriting platform that can be used to automatically approve prospects and do credit reviews on current customers and is also configured for a lender’s loan policies and risk thresholds.

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What Recent Bank Closings Mean for Factoring & Asset-Based Lending

When banks start tightening lending, not only do they offload business loans that no longer fit their criteria but they may also be open to participations. Factoring as well as Asset-Based-Lenders can step in and participate on a piece of the deal. At the same time, higher Factoring and ABL fees resulting from increased interest rates can be another advantage of capturing small business loans banks can no longer hold on their books. This creates an opportunity of increased business for Factoring and ABL, and with such demand, lenders should leverage the right technology to…

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