Decipher ABL Software

Transform Your Asset-based Lending with Decipher Credit’s automated ABL software solution.

Problems We Solve for Asset-Based Lenders

Time Efficiency

Automate and streamline any aspect or your loan process, reducing the turnaround time significantly.

Cost Reduction

Minimize operational costs with automated workflows, intelligent document tracking, automated Credit Memo, and integrated data management systems.

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Utilize spreading capabilities, accounts receivable aging analysis, and risk scoring for better credit decisions.

Improved Client Experience

Offer your commercial applicants a smoother, faster and more transparent loan process.

smarter abl LOAN management

Eliminate manual analysis and manual work with powerful asset-based lending features.

Automated financial spreading from borrower accounting system or via uploaded files. 

More easily determine the collateral value of the assets being considered for financing.

Customized scorecard using lender’s unique quantitative a qualitative criteria to help make better lending decisions.

Advanced Accounts Receivable Analysis, including ineligibles calculations, ineligibles rules, and inventory calculations.

Smart document management, including tracking, ticklers, loan agreement automation and built-in E-signature system.

Automated pre-fill of custom Credit Memo to speed up and streamline credit committee approval process. 

Scale & Grow with the right abl software

In the fast-paced world of commercial lending, asset-based lenders like you face unique challenges. You need to balance risk management with efficient loan processing, all while ensuring a positive experience for your clients from origination and underwriting to funding. That’s where Decipher Credit comes in with groundbreaking asset-based lending software designed to transform the entire lending process for you.

Why Choose Decipher Credit?

  • Customizable: Ability to adapt to your specific lending practices, lending risk, and client needs.
  • Powerful: Gives your origination, underwriting, and operations teams all the insights and tools needed to make better and faster credit decisions.
  • User-friendly: An intuitive interface for you and your clients.
  • Centralized System: Automate processes and manage end-to-end processes for cross-functional teams all in one digital platform.

Join the growing number of asset-based lenders who are transforming their commercial lending practices with Decipher Credit. It’s time to cut manual work, reduce costs, close deals more efficiently, and increase client satisfaction.

Contact us today for a demo and see the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset-based lending (ABL) technology and automation are increasingly important in the financial sector, offering more efficient and effective ways to manage loans secured by assets. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about ABL technology and software solutions.

Technology enhances ABL by providing a streamlined digital application process and more accurate and real-time analysis of borrower financials, receivables aging, and other assets as well as automating processes like loan origination, credit decisioning, and risk assessment, and improving the speed and efficiency of credit decisions.

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining the lending process, reducing manual errors, speeding up loan processing, and enhancing borrower experience. It includes automated data collection, analysis, and reporting.
ABL technology includes tools for better risk assessment by analyzing real-time data, financial health, and historical information. This helps in making informed lending decisions and in monitoring the health of the loan portfolio.
Yes, modern ABL systems are designed to integrate with other business systems like credit bureaus, accounting systems, UCC systems, borrowing base systems, for seamless data flow and improved operational efficiency.
ABL technology typically includes advanced security features such as data encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with regulatory standards to protect sensitive financial information.
By streamlining the lending process, providing faster loan approvals, and offering transparent and real-time communication, ABL technology significantly improves the borrower experience.
The future of ABL technology is likely to see more advanced analytics, AI-driven analysis and decision-making processes, enhanced integration capabilities, and even greater automation to further improve efficiency and risk management.