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Decipher and Ablsoft

Utilizing technology effectively can also put commercial lending on the path to immediate growth as soon as economic conditions improve. Here are some of the

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How Technology Can Shield Commercial Lenders From Economic Storms

During periods of instability and economic downturns, lenders face unique challenges in maintaining profitability and managing risk. In precisely these times, it becomes crucial for lenders to have the right tools to capture clients more quickly, reduce risk, and put them above competitors to navigate challenging conditions. Here are some of the ways lenders can weather the storm and can use technology as a significant advantage during periods of economic instability.

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Five Types of Fraud in Factoring & How Technology Can Help

Factoring is susceptible to various types of fraud. Here are five of the most common types: Timing Fraud: Timing fraud involves manipulating the timing of invoices and payments to deceive the factoring company. For example, a company might delay reporting payments received from customers to make it appear as though the invoices are outstanding and eligible for factoring.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Loan Decisioning Process

Should you automate third-party data and apply your loan policies and risk thresholds to facilitate real-time loan decisions? The short answer: Yes! Imagine automating analysis using customer, business and third-party data to facilitate real-time decisions. An origination and underwriting platform that can be used to automatically approve prospects and do credit reviews on current customers and is also configured for a lender’s loan policies and risk thresholds.

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4 Ways to Improve Workflows Between Origination & Underwriting

Improved coordination and communication between your origination and underwriting teams will boost productivity, increase transparency, facilitate teamwork, and close loans faster. When it comes to your origination and underwriting, your tools and systems should enable you to improve coordination and communication among teams across your entire organization. Here are 4 ways to leverage your origination and underwriting systems to improve collaboration among all lender teams and advisors from start to funding:

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